Cloud Platform


Robust and scalable cloud-based web portal.




Access your data from anywhere in the world!

Encrypted Data = Security

Secure communications with devices and users. Customizable reporting module, PDF and Excel export options, automated emailing on a schedule. Feel secure knowing your assets are being monitored 24/7!

Access from any device

Log into your secure portal and immediately assess the status of your assets from your mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer. Our "at a glance" color coordinated icons allow easy assessment of your operation.

Comprehensive REST API and cloud-to-cloud data push capability allows for easy integration into your existing systems.

Robust Notification Engine

Receive notifications in real time or schedule specific users to receive relevant information at the perfect time. Our extensive notification module allows full customization of any sensor or position related events.

Let InventureTrack Provide Your Turnkey IOT Solution Today!

Building a tracking system from the ground up is expensive and can take up valuable time and resources. As a technology company, we have continued to innovate using the latest in 3G/4G, CAT 1, M1 and NB network technology. Using our system, your custom solution becomes economically viable and puts you on the fast track to be first to market.