Asset Tracking Hardware


Our ultra flexible platform allows thousands of possible hardware combinations. The base gateway can be used in three variations: Rechargeable, Primary Cell, and Wifi.




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Rechargeable HW

Our rechargeable GPS devices, are self-contained, self-powered asset monitoring tools specifically designed for discrete tracking. This HW platform can last for up to 8 months on a single charge.

Extended Deployment

The Primary Cell platform is rated for 10+ years at 4 reports per day. This device gives you the ability to track anything from anywhere in the world with our long-life battery powered, GPS tracker. 

Bluetooth Sensors

Choose from our list of sensors, or create your own custom application. Our BLE platform has a 100ft range. Monitoring all aspects of your application becomes easy and cost effective.

How it works!

InventureTrack has developed a proprietary cellular based (2G, 3G, 4G, M1) IOT end to end solution. Our modular design gives us complete control over both the HW and web portal allowing us to provide rapid solutions for any vertical.  Each InventureTrack HW device has extensive I/O capability including a wireless Bluetooth Low Energy interface.  

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Product Datasheets

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Rechargeable Platform (6R Series)

Primary Cell Platform (2DS Series)

Bluetooth Wireless Sensor (BEA Series)

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Sensor Options!

  • Sensor aggregation platform with built-in GNSS and motion sensing
  • Off-the-shelf sensors available include Temperature, Humidity, Runtime, AC Power, Liquid Fill Level, Open/Close
  • Wireless sensors supported with Bluetooth LE
  • Expansion port allows integration with a wide variety of analog, digital and smart sensors
  • All communications authenticated and encrypted