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Start collecting vast amounts of data with our end to end IOT platform.

GPS Hardware


Big data collection in a small package. The heart of our platform available in various configurations. Customize yours today.


Visibility from anywhere in the world. Detect anomalies and receive notifications before small issues become big problems.


Rapid development of turn-key solutions. Consult with our engineering staff and kickoff a custom IOT solution.

InventureTrack created a custom solution that retrofitted onto our home health medical equipment. Within months we were able to realize a return of $10000 per month worth of recovered equipment and additional revenue.  Their HW is reliable and the web portal is easy to use!

Deroyal Medical


Building a tracking system from the ground up is expensive and can take up valuable time and resources. As a technology company, we have continued to innovate using the latest in 3G/4G, CAT 1, M1 and NB network technology. Using our system, your custom solution becomes economically viable and puts you on the fast track to be first to market.

  • Built To Scale - Personal, SMB, and Enterprise asset management and monitoring
  • Long Life Battery - Power management through innovative engineering and cutting-edge components
  • Manufacturing - ISO9001 certified state of the art facility. Proudly made in the USA

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Marine Tracking Solution

InventureTrack can fulfill any custom application faster and more economical than any other company. Our in house development team will have your custom solution ready for demo in under 2 weeks! 

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InventureTrack provides a turn-key asset tracking solution that lets you stay connected to your assets in the field. Now you can quickly find your assets, and save time. Our entire system is manufactured in-house, which means we have full control over our solution to ensure optimal quality. Start tracking your assets today.