InventureTrack-powered EnviroTrck environmental monitoring simplifies field data collection and regulatory compliance

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EnviroTrck for Environmental Monitoring

With regulatory requirements becoming increasingly complex and data intensive, the need for smart data collection solutions is critical. Traditional methods for data monitoring are labor intensive, weather dependent, error-prone and slow, resulting in compliance delays and ballooning costs.

EnviroTrck is a next-generation sensor data collection system including 4G LTE-enabled sensor gateways, secure cloud-based data storage and enterprise-grade web interface. EnviroTrck gives you the tools to analyze your data in real time, set notifications for alarm conditions and generate reports.

Take a look at the benefits of EnviroTrck data collection

FeatureManual MonitoringWell Stream
LaborLabor intensive, requires technician site visitsAlmost no labor required, just pull up the web interface to check status
WeatherWeather dependent, can only check the site when weather permittingCheck the site anytime, regardless of weather conditions
Data TransferManual data transfer, human errorAutomatic wireless data transfer, eliminates human error
ReportingTime-lag between data collection and reportingReal-time data collection, notifications and reporting = timely decisions
CostTechnician site visits and schedule delays increase project costsLow cost for continuous automated monitoring
Well head with EnviroTrck device attached; wired sensor also visible
EnviroTrck IT10 device

Collect the Data You Need

EnviroTrck supports a diverse array of sensors, including:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Salinity
  • Conductivity
  • pH
  • Liquid Fill Level
  • Liquid Flow Rate
  • Or bring your own analog, 4-20 mA or modbus sensor

Landfill Monitoring

Landfills are a critical part of waste management, but they can have a significant environmental impact. We’ve created a solution that allows users to monitor the temperatures of methane vents within wells to prevent fires. Our system can also monitor liquid fill level, runtime, flow and flow total of the well pumps.

Groundwater Monitoring

Protecting groundwater from contamination is a critical aspect of landfill management. Monitoring nearby groundwater involves sampling wells surrounding the landfill to assess if any harmful substances have leached into the water. This process ensures that the landfill is not negatively impacting the water quality.

Gas Emission Monitoring

Landfills produce gases like methane and carbon dioxide due to the decomposition of organic waste. These gases can pose environmental and safety risks. Monitoring gas emissions involves measuring and controlling the release of these gases to prevent odors, greenhouse gas emissions, and the risk of fires or explosions.

Case Study – Groundwater Monitoring for Dredging Project

  • Using real-time data acquisition
  • Recording, reporting, visualizing groundwater data at a dredged material management area to fulfill a regulatory requirement
  • Goal is to set groundwater salinity thresholds for future regulation
  • Permit special conditions may require provision of monitoring data before, during, and after permitted activities.

Real-Time Data Collection

There are many benefits of collecting sensor data continuously:

  • You can create notification rules that trigger an email or text message when a sensor reading goes out of normal range, allowing you to react quickly to changing conditions
  • You capture the full range of fluctuations in the data, which can help establish normal parameters for the site
  • Data is available to be viewed anytime, anywhere with a web browser

This chart shows one benefit of continuous monitoring: When data is collected only at a quarterly site visit, you can miss the full range of fluctuations of parameters being measured.

Cloud-based web portal: data analysis at your fingertips

  • Map and list-based device views
  • Customizable sensor dashboards
  • Notifications with flexible data triggers
  • Reporting, including automated emailed reports
  • Sub-accounts and groups
  • Full user access control
  • Geofencing
  • Full-featured API with web hooks


  • Since we manufacture our hardware, develop our software, and have strategic partnerships with the carriers, we are able to provide a uniquely tailored experience to our clients.
  • Our proprietary ecosystem allows us to introduce new features quickly and remain aggressively competitive.
  • We have a team of devoted and passionate staff who strive to provide the best experience.