Cold Chain

Business owners and compliance managers need visibility on all aspects of their valuable cargo and inventory throughout the logistics chain. InventureTrack’s monitoring solution gives you access and control over all of your refrigerated assets from anywhere in the world.

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Benefits of IoT Technology for Food Safety and Transport – Never Lose a Load

  • Monitor Temperature of your refrigerated loads and assets
  • Prevent Perished Goods Claims by providing detailed, in-transit reporting
  • Receive Realtime SMS/Email Notifications for out of temperature range, door open/close alarms, and compliance
  • Optimize Route Efficiency through customizable geofences to improve delivery

See How IoT Technology Can Save Thousands of Dollars

Our goal is to learn what issue you may be experiencing and create an application specific plan to integrate our solution and help you in as many ways possible.

At InventureTrack, we can provide integrated end-to-end solutions for restaurants, supermarkets, schools, and other food services. Avoid supply chain issues like increased food costs and inadequate storage space by partnering with us to create a custom solution to your problem.

Key Capabilities

Temperature Monitoring

InventureTrack sensor gateway devices allow your business to monitor temperature of refrigerated loads and check door status using open/close sensors

Automated Data Collection

Through data logging, all of the information you could want or need is at your fingertips, allowing you to keep detailed temperature records on file

Realtime Notifications

Collect relevant data, manage custom reports and delegate maintenance tasks to personnel all in realtime right on your device while also being notified immediately if something isn’t right

IT6-R Refrigeration Monitoring Solution

  • InventureTrack enables your equipment to remotely communicate important data, such as location, equipment runtime, and fill level.
  • Data Logging; simply log into our user-friendly web portal on your PC, smartphone, or tablet and you’ll immediately see the dashboard. Here you will see your asset’s critical details, such as location history, alarms, temperature, run-time, battery life, etc.
  • Designed as a turnkey tracking solution our hardware, web portal, and data connection, is a tightly integrated system that will monitor your assets around the clock.

IT6-R Refrigeration Monitoring Solution

The IT6-R GPS tracking and monitoring solution provides your business with real-time 24/7 location mapping, sensory data, and remote control of your refrigerated assets from anywhere in the world.

Why InventureTrack

  • Since we manufacture our hardware, develop our software, and have strategic partnerships with the carriers, we are able to provide a uniquely tailored solution experience to our clients.
  • Our proprietary ecosystem allows us to introduce new features quickly and remain aggressively competitive.
  • We have a team of devoted and passionate staff who strive to provide the best experience.