Loss Prevention


Using our custom designed devices, sensors, and platform for crucial theft alarms for LOSS PREVENTION AND RECOVERY!




Covert Tracking Applications

You have problems,... we have solutions. Custom built covert tracking devices for any industry. Contact us now to discuss how we can help increase your bottom line by reducing internal and external shrinkage.

Mini Devices for Pharma

Having developed many HW form factors, we're excited to release our smallest tracking device yet. This device can be covertly hidden inside a pill bottle, cash packet, detergent bottle, and many other applications. At only 1" x 2" x .250" it still has superior GPS and cellular reception and maintains all the functionality of its' larger predecessors.

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Increase Your Bottom Line

It's not easy to catch the bad guys,... but with InventureTrack covert tracking devices, it can be done. Alerts are sent to law enforcement and/or management as soon as the merchandise exists the door. Induction charging technology allows for our devices to be charged inside their sealed packaging.

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InventureTrack provides a turn-key asset tracking solution that lets you stay connected to your assets in the field. Now you can quickly find your assets, and save time. Our entire system is manufactured in-house, which means we have full control over our solution to ensure optimal quality. Start tracking your assets today.